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How do I book a reading?
Book through my Facebook page for a reading via Facebook Messenger. If you would prefer to receive a reading via e-mail or some other method, please use this form to contact me.
can i get a free reading?
I do not give free readings out, but if you hang around my Facebook page enough, I sometimes offer promotions or host events. And you can always ask your question through the Dry Erase Tarot Tumblr, assuming that you're okay with having your question published.
Do you do in-person readings? 
Only if I really, really like you. However, if you are interested in hiring a Puget Sound-area Tarot reader for an event, feel free to contact me. I have worked public events before, and I'd love to be a part of yours!
What's the deal with the sliding scale?
I have a sliding scale listed for each service that I offer. This is intended to make my services more accessible regardless of my client's economic status. Within the range listed, pay what you like. No explanation needed.
Alternatively, if you are an artist or craftsperson, or you have a service of your own, I am happy to barter. 
I've never had a Tarot or Cleromancy reading before. What should I expect? 
When you book a reading via my Facebook page, you will receive a prompt response from me either confirming your time or rescheduling your appointment. You will also receive a reminder via Facebook before your reading time. 
When the reading time arrives, I will message you via Facebook Messenger. I will ask if you have a question, or would like a general reading. I am happy to do general readings, but many of my clients find that they get better results with the context that a specific question provides.
It usually takes me a few minutes to shuffle the cards, deal them, and interpret them (or if you're getting a cleromancy reading: shake the oracle, cast the lots, and interpret them), which makes this the perfect time for you to pay me for the reading.
When I have received payment, I will send you a photograph of your reading. I will then walk you through each card or grouping of pieces in the reading, explaining the significance of each, and sometimes asking for additional information. Feel free to chime in at any time to ask questions or add context to the question -- I am happy to discuss it with you!
24-48 hours after your reading, you will receive a detailed PDF of your reading, perfect for printing and inserting into a journal. I love that I am able to offer these printables, especially for repeat clients who wish to keep journals... but it does take me a few minutes to make them look nice, so please be patient if yours doesn't arrive right away!
What kind of question should I ask?
As mentioned in my policies, I am not qualified to diagnose any medical issue or offer a prognosis, nor am I qualified to offer legal advice. I am happy to read without a question, and just do a general reading. If you're looking for inspiration, though, here are a few examples of the kinds of questions I get from clients:
+ I've just met someone new. What might the future of our relationship look like?
+ I'm having trouble selling my house. What do I need to know to be successful? 
+ I'm working on a huge project but I'm losing steam. How can I keep my motivation going?
what's divination?
Divination is any practice whereby a seer, reader, or a oracle attempts to probe a mystery through supernatural means.
what's cartomancy?
Cartomancy is any form of divination that primarily involves cards, such as Tarot, or Oracle cards.
what's cleromancy?
Cleromancy is any form of divination that primarily involves casting small objects on the ground, and interpreting the way that they fall.
are you for real?
Yes. I cannot claim to have any special gift of mediumship or spiritual communication, but I do believe that the Tarot is a marvelous divinatory system which allows us to reflect and engage in introspection about our lives. This process, in turn, is often very illuminating, and can lead us in directions which can help us grow, learn, or just face the difficult challenges that life presents. 
And, for my own part, I conduct all my sessions with clients as honestly, sincerely, and openly as possible. I have a great deal of respect for the trust that my clients place in me, and I attempt to honor that with every reading and interaction I have with every client. 
Is this a scam?
No. I always deliver my readings promptly and I try to keep my prices reasonable and accessible. That said, scams are very prevalent in spiritual services, so I have written a short blog post to help you avoid spiritual scammers.
so do you tell the future?
Not exactly. A reading offers rumination and possibilities. Whether the path depicted in your reading is the one that you choose to follow is up to you. 
Where can I buy your tarot deck?
It's not ready yet, but one day it will be. I'll post all over this page, my Tumblr, and my Facebook page when it is. If you want to give me a nudge or a little encouragement to finish, you can always buy me a tea...
IS Tarot evil?

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