Cartomancy and Cleromancy Policies
+  While I am happy to offer personal advice, I am not qualified to help you make medical or legal decisions. Please consult a physician or lawyer if you’re looking for a diagnosis, prognosis, or legal advice.
+  I do not offer third party Cartomancy or Cleromancy readings. I am happy to answer questions about your relationships to other people in ways that may help you understand them and work better with them, but my approach necessitates that the reading must primarily be about my client, so that I can provide suggestions and advice for a path of action. This includes children.
+ I do not currently accept clients under eighteen years of age.
spiritual Consultation Policies
I am excited to offer this consultation service for free, but it does necessitate me keeping it to a fifteen-minute slot. If for some reason you feel strongly that you need a longer consultation, we can discuss possible next steps during our fifteen minutes, including additional consultations or an appointment for a reading. In the event that a longer consultation is required, we may negotiate a fee for that time.
+  I must receive payment before doing a reading.
+  I do not offer refunds after a reading has been done. Consider that you’re paying for my time and expertise, and when the reading is done, I have already spent those on you, and cannot get them refunded to me.
+  I am more than willing to trade and barter for readings, assuming you have something that I want.
+  I do not offer free readings or Dry Erase-style readings, except through the Dry Erase Tarot Tumblr, or during special events.
+  If you need to cancel a reservation, you will receive a full refund. However, repeated cancellations will cause me to stop accepting reservation requests from you.
+  I reserve the right to deny a reading for any reason. In the event that I deny a reading after receiving payment, you will receive a full refund.
Privacy Policy
I consider it a great honor to receive the trust that a client puts in a diviner, and I will never sell, disseminate, publish, or share any information which you share with me during a reading...
...UNLESS the reading in question is a free reading procured through the Dry Erase Tarot Tumblr, in which case, if I choose to read for your question, both your question and the reading WILL be published on that site.
Cartomancy and Cleromancy readings are for entertainment purposes only. I cannot guarantee any specific results from your reading.
Spiritual consultations are just that -- consultation. While I will advise you honestly and sincerely to the best of my abilities, you are wholly responsibility for how you use that information that I give you. I am not licensed by any institution, and tend to offer my own opinion with reckless abandon.
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